Rocketman Bolt

Rocketman – Introducing Bolt

Every day in the 4ga lab our scientists do their best to help out astronauts. They are trying to improve engines and the rockets armors. But they also observe the space. This helps us to discover a lot of things that you can meet on your way. Our most important discoveries include power-ups, asteroids and recently spotted aliens, which seemingly are not that friendly. So we have decided to publish a guide for every space Traveler in form of simple notes. Each one describes an object that you can find in the dark space.

First of all we would like to tell you about our latest discovery! Straight from the 4ga factory:

You can find the Bolt basically everywhere. To collect it, you just need to fly straight into it! Remember to stay focused because the Bolt can be very tricky. It speeds up your rocket producing space-time curvature which results in time acceleration and a higher pace of falling asteroids! So be prepared.