4ga Quarterly Stats 2019Q3-2022Q2 Full

Edu Games Stats

Welcome to 4ga News!

As you may already notice, we created many educational games that are used and liked by both teachers and students.
We want to treat you with some data about our games:

In total, our edu games have been played around 150 000 times. They were rated over 60 000 times. Many teachers chose our games: over 19 000 assigned them to their students. Thank you for relying on us. We are very grateful!
These all numbers result in an even greater number: 2 000 000 minutes of total playtime! It is as if one person was playing the game for four years straight! Woohoo!

In addition, we also created a chart that compares our games by playtime. It shows which of our games is mostly preferred in each quarter.

We can see that so far, Erosive Voyage stole your hearts! I bet it is the dancing sloth that caused it 😉

Hope you enjoyed our little statistics.
See you soon,
4ga Team