Devblog September 2018

Devblog September 2018

Welcome to Devblog September 2018!

It was very busy month for us:

  • Rocketman release
  • Rocketman trailer
  • Preparation for other projects

We want to thank you for all the support and good word that we received from you. Rocketman its our first mobile game and it will not be our last.

We are still working on some optimization for Rocketman so keep sending us feedback as it is very important for us.

Also we have pulled one big update to Rocketman (You can read about it here.)

That’s all for this month. We will continue to develop more features to Rocketman and other projects.

You can expect less updates to Rocketman as we will try to focus on the new SECRET project.

See you in space,
4ga Team