Devblog July 2018

Devblog July 2018

Welcome to 4ga devblog July 2018!

It’s about time!
Rocketman is coming to OPEN BETA and it will be free to download for every android user.
After a months of hard work we can finally announce that Rocketman open beta will start in a few days. You can expect it in the middle of August!
Again special thanks for everyone that participated in closed beta and sent us feedback. It was very important step in making Rocketman a better game.

Most recent changes:
– Our new Stats system is now live. Check out Closed Beta Stats on this website.
– New way of spawning Bosses and friendly Space Station.
– We’ve added in-game rewards for some actions online.
– Graphical rework.
– Gameplay changes.
– Performance optimization

What is going on right now?

We are focused on final tweaks of Rocketman, adding new upgraded rocket’s and¬†preparation for Rocketman premiere.
Here you can see our default rocket model(first picture) and some other rocket model(second picture):

Also we are trying to prepare marketing campaign for our game.
Recently we have opened new Facebook pages for our game and studio to improve communication with you. Remember to leave a like, comment and share our project to your friends if you enjoy it.

We’re still thinking about our next project and we have a few unique ideas. When we’re ready, you’ll get more information about it.

See you in space,
4ga Team