4ga News May19

4ga News May 2019

Welcome to 4ga News May 2019!

During past month we were working hard on one of our current contracts – delivering two math games for Legends of Learning. After long time of creating concepts for edu games, we started working on core gameplay. Despite having a lot of work on this project, we were discussing a few Mogic concepts.

Legends of Learning

Concept thinking is required for every creative project. However, concepts alone would never make a good game – you need good mechanics, gameplay and implementation of all the greatest ideas you have. This month we’ve focused on the latter part – we reviewed, recreated and implemented mathematical concepts into the games.

Our first game, Scaling Adventures, is about solving problems using scale. We decided that classic adventure style game with collecting rewards for completing puzzles and tasks would be best suited for the topic. We will still have to make some minor improvements to the story and the game itself.

We’ve also managed to finish the second game – Island of Equations! Solving real world problems using systems of equations seems to be an easy topic, but explaining all the concepts in an interesting way turned out to be quite challenging.

Both games are in 3D format and we’ve added the rook from our logo to both of them as a playable character. We are sure that every child will have a lot of fun while dealing with all sort of mathematical riddles. Don’t worry, the rook will be always here to help you!

As we are still making small improvements to the games we’ve decided not to show them before the next month’s 4ga news post. So stay tuned.

See you in a month!
4ga team