4ga News Mar19

4ga News Mar 2019

Welcome to 4ga News March 2019!

Site improvements!

This month we have started improving our site. We have transferred our services to the new server and changed the domain. Right now we are available at: 4gastudios.com. The next thing which is quite noticeable is a green lock in the browser search bar. This means that we have integrated SSL certificate across our services and every bit of information is now encrypted. We have also worked on search engine optimization (SEO). All that work will help us get global level reach and improve site loading speed. We will continue to improve our website in following months. (e.g. we’ll add more social-related features.)

More changes!

With the changes to the domain and site we have changed our name. From 4ga – Game Dev Studio to shorter 4ga Studios. You might’ve also seen our new logo which is cleaner and visible than ever before.

Opportunity to meet us!

We are going to be at Game Jam Square. Unfortunately not every member of 4ga Studios will be there, but RAR and IndianaToms are definitely going. We hope that we will meet new people and have fun making games during the event. The event last for 40h hours and starts 26.04.2019. However, we are not planning to go all out on this event because we are pretty busy right now. Still, this is a great opportunity to come and talk to us.

What’s up with Mogic – Modular Logic Escape?

As we are finishing a Game Design Document(GDD) many new ideas are coming to our heads, The project is really big and will be fun to develop and play. We will need more time, people and money to develop it fully. So stay tuned because this topic is definitely coming back! We are considering a Kickstarter campaign as it is a very innovative project that should without any doubt go public.

We are making Math games!

It may sound boring, but creating games that will help educate future generations is a really great concept. We will be a part of this trend too. In fact, we are starting right now. In the next two months we will be preparing two games for Legends of Learning. We’ll share the games as soon as they get released. Right now you can check out Legends of Learning. They are pioneers of learning by playing educational games in the USA. We hope that this is a start of an amazing adventure!

Past Events

We were present at WDI 2019 and attended presentations about feedback, custom networking and storytelling in games. The first one was great, but others… let’s forget about it. We’ve also attended BOSS Festival this month and it was a great experience. Really interesting talks about internet promotional campaigns, social media, communicating with people and building innovative team.

See you in a month!
4ga team