4ga News Jun19

4ga News Jun 2019

Welcome to 4ga News June 2019!

As we have mentioned earlier we were working on creating math games for the Legends of Learning. Now, we’re happy to announce that both projects are done and accepted on the platform. We couldn’t be more happy about that. As soon as the games will be available for playing we will inform you so don’t worry. However, our work with math games is not over yet. We still need to improve the games, eliminate certain bugs and make improvements suggested by the reviewers.

The Scaling Adventures were rated as very good and we only need to do some minor changes as dialogue, rework, etc.

Unfortunately, there is a bit more work to be done when it comes to the Island of Equations. It turned out to be a bit long. Therefore we need to rearrange the plot. But we’ve already prepared various scenarios in which should solve the issue.

As promised, here is a sneak peek of one of our games. (Island of Equations)

We hope you like it!

In the summer season, we are looking forward to start the work on some new projects. In our next news, we will try to provide you with more information due to the fact that right now the projects are only in the theoretical phase.

We wish you a great summer!
4ga Team