4ga News Feb19

4ga News Feb 2019

Welcome to 4ga News Feb 2019!

New Name means New Format?

This month we are changing the name of our monthly series. With this change we’ll try to focus on a news as a whole. Not getting deep in technical details. Our target audience is everyone who is somehow interested in what we are doing: starting with gamers who enjoy playing our games, finishing with people who just want to read and learn something new about 4ga.

What’s up with Rocketman Mobile?

A few days ago we’ve launched first 2019 update in which we’ve improved user experience and performance, fixed some visual bugs and complied with new Google Play Guidelines for mobile apps. If you encounter any problems just contact us. We won’t publish as frequent updates as it was in 2018, but we are still planning to support the game. However right now it’s not our main job…

Introducing Mogic – Modular Logic Escape!

As planned, we are going to make more projects. Say hi to our new child: Mogic!

Right now it’s in early stages of development. To be precise Mogic just got out of concept limbo! We are currently polishing game vision and mode ideas. We’ve created first prototype of the game to help us visualize the project. It’s not perfect in terms of graphics or mechanics, but it’s very important step. We are all excited about Mogic and we can’t wait to start the main phase of development. Stay tuned for more details! We’ll share them regularly. The project is pretty big and introduces many new mechanics and things that never appeared in our previous games. That’s why it’s about time to invite new people to work with us!

Expanding our Team!

The next few months will be full of challenges! Think success – Make it happens!

That’s why all members of our team are acquiring new skills in many fields, such as graphics and programming which will allow us to speedup development.
Team members will be able to take part in wider range of game development. However we are planning to expand in other field of development in near future. Maybe we have some other 4ga independent projects? Stay in touch as we’ll share more info soon. Most of the team will focus on technical part of the game. (RAR, IndianaToms, e_casper, Guziec)

Wait!? There are more team members?

We are more than happy to present new team member: Mikołaj.
He’ll be responsible for team management and marketing. His main goal is to implement and build agile culture in our studio.
It should help developing games faster and in more friendly environment. Speaking of developing games faster…

Team Journey

As we said earlier, currently we are developing new skills in many areas. Some of them are not strict related to game development: digital communication, traditional & digital meetings and implementation of new habits.
A few days ago Warsaw branch of 4ga attended special event called “Fire talks – agile in practice” and had a lunch together talking about new project ideas and team development.
We’ve also started using new team management tools and todo boards with overlay on git issues. Now we’ll never miss any important stuff. We are taking a lot of time to implement systems that will improve team workflow and speedup development. It will also let us open a window for further team expansion in near future.

See you in a month!
4ga team