Rocketman ART



Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut?

Flying your own rocket? Exploring endless space? Avoiding asteroids? Fighting other space cruiser? If your answer to all of those question is yes, then you found yourself in the right place. If your answer is no… don’t worry, we think you will enjoy yourself too. Now you are the ROCKETMAN!

Rocketman ART

What is Rocketman?

Rocketman is a simple but challenging arcade game located in space. Your main Goal is to avoid enemies and collect forceful power-ups! You can choose you own ship. Customize it! If you want your rocket to wear a chef’s hat… Here you go! We have it all! Then launch your engines and flight ahead.

Space Challenges!

Your journey won’t be boring! Our Space Station will never forget about you, so there’s no need to worry. In every single flight you will receive a special mission to accomplish. But watch out! There are a lot of dangerous things out in space. Be prepared! Reload your missiles and fire! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Experience Outer Space Life!

A 2D arcade game where you steer your own Starship through space. The rules are very simple. You need to avoid asteroids and collect powerups and coins along the way. Choose your own way of steering your ship: point your auto-pilot where to go and he will go follow your command or move the rocket with a joystick or use the built-in accelerator. Powerups will let you improve your ship. And the force-field may be really useful out there, trust me. With the collected weapons you can destroy your obstacles and enemy ships.

Customize Your Ship!

For collected coins (our in-game currency) you can buy yourself new items for you rocket. From hats for your rocket through new models of ships to our special rainbow smoke trail. With all our improvements you will impress every single alien out there! If you will feel overwhelmed with choosing an item yourself – you can open the lootbox which will contain a randomly selected surprise item!

Watch Out For Aliens!

There are two types of alien ships. Be careful and do not shoot every one of them! This round blue one is your commandery, from time to time they will give you missions, which can be really exciting and most importantly – they pay really good money for completing them. All the other space fighters that you will meet have only one mission – to destroy you! Brace yourself! Focus and do your best to avoid death.

Climb Up The Leaderboards!

After each flight you can compare your stats with your friends on the leaderboards and check whether you accomplished some of our in-game achievements! If you manage to complete them all, there is a SPECIAL PRICE waiting just FOR YOU!