Ant Colony ART 22

Ant Colony

Ant Colony

Ant Colony is a challenging adventure game. Help Ant and Rook in a set of challenges to establish an Ant Colony. Cooperate, interact and fight with the ecosystem to achieve your goals. Enjoy an immersive experience in the 3D world full of adventures and absorbing minigames! It’s a perfect mix of fun and learning. The 3D open area allows to explore the environment and complete scientific tasks. Game contains clear and immersive gameplay – you will never get bored!

This game was created for educational purposes.
It’s free to play!

As for the 7 Jul 2022 is fully compliant with US Learning Objective: Interactions in Ecosystem (MS-LS2.A-1)

Game Instructions:

Use arrows to move.
Use mouse to
• Select/Use objects
• Pickup/Release objects
• Close narrations

Click here for full instructions.

Estimated duration: 10 minutes

The game supports English and Spanish languages.

Benefits for Students:

Learn in fun & interactive way!
Compete with your friends!
Solve puzzles and play mini games instead of traditional learning!

Benefits for Parents:

It can speed up the learning and make students feel relaxed after studying session – willing to learn more!

Benefits for Teachers:

The game have variety of online services that allows teachers to track progress in real-time.
If any of the students get stuck, the teacher will see it immediately and can react accordingly.
Allows for translations so everyone can use it!